We prepare, equip, and support LEADERS and ORGANIZATIONS to successfully adopt change (sometimes radical change) in order to drive greater success, increase outcomes, and maximize impact.

We coach EXECUTIVES on change, organizational culture, board management, public speaking engagements, and government hearings.



We help ORGANIZATIONS create the future, instead of being disrupted by it.

We work with ORGANIZATIONS to build aggressive growth strategies, develop new ventures, determine innovation capabilities, and accelerate change through creative revenue generation.

We work with FOUNDATIONS and CORPORATIONS to develop creative and innovative funding sources that push the nonprofit sector to think and behave differently.



We help ORGANIZATIONS assess, determine, and measure their true impact on communities, regions, and spheres of influence.

We help COMPANIES create substantive impact and transformative change in the Social Impact Sector.

We help analyze CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP (special event, festival, and co-branding initiatives) for initial impact, creativity, and consumer engagement.